One of the biggest misconceptions around Big Data with the companies is that the structured relational data stored with them is Big Data. However Big Data’s essence is to make sense out of the unstructured data which is beyond human understanding.

With large amount of structured data, some good trends can be brought out but those trends can only be brought out between the related data. Big data surfs through the structured and unstructured data helps to correlate two totally unrelated data units.

As part of Big Data practice, ECIPL not only has expertise on NoSQL (MongoDB) and Hadoop based systems, however we also provide services related to

  • Big Data domain lab setups
  • Enterprise data assessment
  • Use Case Identification
  • Customised Big Data projects

Some of the use cases where big data has helped are

  • Wallet Share of customer
  • Predicting LTV
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product Mix
  • Upsell / Cross sell
  • Optimization of channel used to reach out
  • Data based Services
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